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Reasons you’ll love our eGift cards
A card for every occasion
A card for every occasion
Pick the perfect card from a variety of options & designs
Use it online
Use it online
Pay for your online order using your eGift card
12 month validity
12 month validity
All eGift cards are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase
Link to your account
Link to your account
You can link your eGift card to your account for quick & easy shopping
eGift cards FAQS

Where can I get my eGift card?

  • You can purchase an American Eagle eGift card directly from our sites. Choose one of the many colorful designs we have for your special occasion, whether it be for a friend, a partner, a family member, or yourself.


How fast will my eGift card be received?

  • Your eGift card will be sent to the recipient’s email immediately after your purchase. To make any online purchases, simply enter the eGift card number at the checkout page.

    The eGift card can be linked by clicking on the “Link to Account” button. It can then be accessed when logged in through our site and app.


Where can I use my eGift card?

  • You can use your eGift card online through our sites. If you would like to gift it to someone living in another country within the region, please make sure you purchase it from our site in that country. Our eGift cards are single currency – you cannot use them to purchase items from other countries.


Does the eGift card have a value limit?

  • We offer multiple value options for you to select from or you can enter a custom amount instead.


Can I use my eGift card at any American Eagle store or just online?

  • Currently you can only use your American Eagle eGift card online. You can access it through your email or by logging into your account through our site or app.


How can I top up my eGift card or check its balance?

  • You can do that through the “Check Balance” and “Top Up Card” buttons on our eGift Card page. You can top up your card by selecting one of our available value options or by entering a custom amount, which will be reflected immediately after checkout.


How can I send an eGift card to someone?

  • 1.    Select a design of your liking, depending on the occasion.
    2.    Select a value option or enter the custom amount that you would like.
    3.    Select who you will be purchasing the gift card for.
    4.    Enter their details.
    5.    You also have the option of leaving them a heartfelt message.


American Eagle eGift Cards

Sending the ultimate gift, is just a click away!

Giving a gift to someone we love; shows how much we appreciate them. It can reflect on both the giver and the receiver to communicate in their unique relationship. In another way, a gift is a symbol to express love and that you treasure the people you love and make them feel special, regardless of whether it’s a special occasion or not.

Since selecting the perfect gift seem like an impossible challenge sometimes, we are giving you an easy way to gift your loved ones what they really want!

We bring you our online exclusive American Eagle eGift Cards, to show your people that you’re the kind of person who pays attention to their needs. Whatever the occasion, our eGift Cards are exactly what you’re looking for as a gift.

From clothes and outfits to food and beverages, shop all your needs and wants from our brands using one card! Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, anniversary or even no occasion at all, use our preloaded online eGift Cards as an excuse to shower your loved ones with presents. So, gift it with confidence! Swipe away!